Mission Statement

Company preservation

We strive to maintain the company and ensure long-term job security in our market segment. As an international supplier, we face global competition, but do not neglect the regional market.


Our employees are our most important asset. We promote awareness and responsibility for quality and the environment through motivation and training at all levels. Employee satisfaction is important to us.

Continuous improvement

The commitment to continuous improvement applies to all areas, processes and sets of rules. Through regular reporting, we review the effectiveness of the results achieved.


The customer is our employer. A strict focus on the customer and its requirements results in a long-lasting customer-supplier relationship. We are committed to the 0-defect target and implement the requirements of our customers with regard to the environment and SGA.


We are committed to occupational safety and health management as well as to the involvement and participation of employees and suppliers. Employees have the opportunity to speak out anonymously or openly about grievances in this area. The focus is on improving health performance.



Suppliers are our partners. Only with capable suppliers can the products be produced that will last in the long term. We support our suppliers to fulfill the requirements in the supply chain. In doing so, we integrate the requirements of the interested parties with regard to the environment and SGA.

Environmental protection

Compliance with laws, regulations and customer requirements is our duty. Reducing environmental impact by conserving resources, separating waste and reducing hazardous materials are top priorities, as is improving environmental performance.