Range of services


Plastic injection

When spraying plastic parts, we focus on technologically sophisticated components and processes. These include micro-parts with minimal wall thicknesses and tight tolerances, as well as components that require specific mechanical, thermal and optical properties. 

Of course, this can only be done if the necessary experience for the construction of the tools – for example to realize a certain fiber course – as well as the knowledge of the latest materials is available.

Automatic feeding

We have been gaining experience with this sophisticated technology for more than 10 years. This makes it possible to feed one or more strips as well as individual metal parts, various bending processes in the tool as well as the precise feeding of wires from the roll.

Depending on the requirements of the downstream production process, the finished overmoulded parts can be separated in the tool and stored in a nest-related manner or delivered as continuous belts.

The combination with our own toolmaking makes it easier to use efficiently and precisely.


As a supplier to the automotive industry, we have gone through a tough school. And we are proud of that.

Meeting the highest quality standards has become part of our DNA: high-precision processing, optimum mechanical and thermal product properties up to the right surface finishing. Especially when components are installed in the field of view of vehicles, an optically and haptically perfect surface is indispensable.

However, every customer experience is different. Therefore, we offer various options for surface finishing adapted to the individual requirements of our customers in terms of product and surface: coatings, laser markings, PVD coating/chrome plating and tamponprint.


Seven automatic systems with computer-controlled quality control are available to you for the assembly of precise parts and components. These can be converted very flexibly to different products by means of a changing system and effectively protect your parts against contamination during the entire process.

We are also happy to produce complete technical assemblies for you, which are delivered to you fully assembled.


New materials offer new possibilities. As a future-oriented company, we have therefore set our sights on innovative materials, for which we develop the appropriate machining processes.

In addition to the common plastics ABS, LCP, PA, PC, Peek and PPS as well as the materials stainless steel, aluminum and brass, we are also happy to offer you new materials and special alloys. Contact us, we will be happy to advise you and open up new perspectives.